This is what it electronic cigarette vapor looks like.

Electronic cigarettes are beginning to become the hottest thing out right now. You will find that these electronic cigarettes are beginning to slowly but surely take over the world of smoking.  These e-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes were designed back in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik.  He introduced them into the market the next year and they began exporting these amazing electronic cigarettes in 2005-2006.  An electronic cigarette is a battery powered device that provides smokers with inhaled doses of nicotine or for some if they choose, non-nicotine vaporized solution.  Essentially, what electronic cigarettes do is they provide an alternative to smoked tobacco products.  These electronic cigarettes will provide nicotine to the smoker, the vapor will provide a flavor and physical sensation that you are actually inhaling tobacco smoke, even though there is no tobacco, no combustion and no smoke present either.  These electronic cigarettes are really beginning to take over the market and dominate in the alternative category for smokers.

Health Concerns

Some people are concerned over the inhalation of nicotine directly and second hand, currently there are studies that are testing these effects.  There have been claims from the FDA that electronic cigarettes are not as healthy as they may market themselves to be. They have sited reasons such as detections of Diethylene glycol as well as tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNAs).  The FDA had spotlighted two major brands of electronic cigarettes when they were testing these new devices.  The study also found that the cartridges that contain the nicotine solution would not always have the correct amount of nicotine in them that they stated that they did.  They also said they found traces of nicotine in the non-nicotine solutions provided to individuals as well.  These studies were done in May 2009 and since then the electronic cigarette market has underwent many changes to ensure quality control, to ensure that cartridges are delivering the right amount of nicotine each and every time.  Furthermore the American Association of Public Health Physicians has come out and supported the electronic cigarette market. They believe the effects of second-hand smoke will be significantly lowered by individuals using electronic cigarettes.


Check out one of the the top brands, Blu Cigarettes.One of the biggest questions that I here is what is electronic cigarettes cost? How much do electronic cigarettes cost and what are some of the best brands to be looking at.  This is a great question and I will go through some of the best brands of electronic cigarettes and the price tags that come with them.

One of the first electronic cigarettes that I will discuss is the V2cigs.  V2cigs definitely gives smokers a variety of starter kits to choose from as well as a variety of flavors and four different nicotine levels for you to choose from as well.  Depending on the electronic cigarette starter kit you get will ultimately depend on how much the electronic cigarette cost will be.  The great economy kit will be $59.95 and that will come with one battery, ten nicotine cartridges, a USB charger, A/C wall adapter as well as your user manual.  You will also find that there are online coupons and discounts that will help to lower the electronic cigarettes cost.

You can also look at the next best cigarette the Blu electronic cigarettes.  These electronic cigarettes are one of the top brands on the market and they have a really great economical price behind them. You will find that these electronic cigarettes cost roughly around $69.95 to start up and you will receive one pack that can hold five cartridges and will charge your batteries on the go, you will get two electronic cigarette batteries, one wall charger, one USB charger and five new cartridges in the strength that you choose.

As you can see electronic cigarettes can be quite economical and in the long run not only save your life or the lives of your loved ones but it will also save you thousands of dollars in money!

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